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Shipping and Receiving

The receiving part has always felt a little like Christmas morning to me. From the time i place an order until the time i open my package there is that little excitement going on in my mind. My part is to make sure i grow healthy plants, and that i ship them in a way that they are successfully delivered. So on christmas morning when you go and open your present your a satisfied customer and I’m a happy guy.


All packages will be shipped usps priority at this time unless otherwise requested. If you would like express shipping please contact me by email( ) so i can setup express for you. Shipping only to united States at this time.


Shipping Conditions


Please know what the weather is like in your area. If weather is above 70 or below 50 please take precautions listed. Most times when shipping goes bad its because package was left in the hot or cold weather in a mailbox.


  • we can include an ice pack (1$)
  • we can include an insulated shipping bag (2$)
  • we can include a heat pack (2$)
  • have the packaged delivered to you place of work
  • have package delivered to your P.O.Box
  • have someone that can receive package


Even when every precaution has been taken things go wrong, please take immediate pictures of plants in bags, and condition of box if damaged. High resolution pictures would be helpful. Please send these pictures to my email ( within 2 hours of delivery, it will be at my discretion how to proceed. But my main concern is for you to receive the plants you paid for in a condition that you can grow healthy plants.


What to do if your plants come in with melted leaves.


Sometimes floating your plants for a couple days will speed up their recovery.

State regulations on noxious weeds (know your states regulations, your responsibilty)
– (


Shipping days (except holidays)

Live plants

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Saturday

Dry Goods

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday


When dealing with live plants there is always a chance of pests, snails, algae. Cleaning is part of our job but sometimes these guys hide well so precautions on your end might be necessary. A quick google search will reveal numerous methods of pest removal use the one you feel most comfortable with if you choose to do so.

26 thoughts on “Shipping and Receiving

  1. glad to be one of many visitors on this awe inspiring web site : D.

    1. thank you hope you continue to enjoy using the site in the future

  2. Greetings, learned about your site while browsing through Planted Tank Forum. Im in California, where do you ship plants from?

    Much obliged,

    1. ship from Arkansas
      Thank You Thomas

  3. hi,the cost of expres delivery?

    1. Express does vary in cost. I ship Usps priority and the usps express priority is 34$ give or take a few dollars depending on addy and weight.
      Thank you Thomas

  4. Hi, do you ship to Puerto Rico? if you do, how much would be the shipping?

    1. shipping is normally usps priority 9.25 unless the address you provide is inernational

  5. Hi do you ship to Norway?
    Best regards kari

    No sorry
    Ty Thomas

  6. How much is the ahipping to Chula vista CA.

    1. normal shipping charge of $9.25

  7. Hello – when will my Order #6595 ship? -Bobbi Miller

    1. Just shipped sorry for delay but with holidays i can not ship as often as i normally do.

  8. I am glad I found your site, great variety. My tanks are snail free, due to using in vitro plants only. Are your plants, snail free?

  9. The selection is very impressive.

  10. Just received my plants. Everything looks good. Lost a few leaves but that was it. I will definitely order from you again!

    1. thank you for update

  11. Hello!
    Very happy with most of the plants I’ve gotten!
    I’ve ordered a few Staurogyne Purple and all but one have melted. Any tips? I’d really like to keep trying with this plant because I love how it looks. I can follow up with details on my water if you are willing to help diagnose the issue 🙂

    1. Yes please let me know more information about water conditions etc.
      Thank You Thomas

      1. Thank you!
        GH- 60
        KH- 40
        pH- 7.5
        NO2 – 0
        N03 – 30

        I ran out of pressurized CO2. I’m thinking of doing the DIY yeast method. There are no fish in this tank. I use Flourish Excel, a liquid CO2, general fertilizer, and iron supplement. Most of my other plants are doing okay.

        Does this plant absolutely require CO2, or is there something else about the water quality that may be causing problems?

  12. I didn’t check out my cart in time and when I went to, the nurii Rosen maiden was out of stock. When do you think you’ll have more in stock?

    1. hopefully early next week

  13. Hi do you Ship to France

  14. Hi do you ship to the uk?

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