Rare package


Package is made up plants from our collection at our discretion.

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Rare package will include both low and high tech plants chosen from our collection of rare and semi rare plant species. Rare package will include foreground, mid-ground and background plants of our choosing. This package is not intended for a beginner but an experienced aquarium owner with injected Co2 setup as well as proper lighting and fertilization program. If you are starting a new setup  this should fill a 40 gallon tank with some room to fill in, for a 55 gallon and up tank i would recommend 2 packages or one package with extras bought to fill in to your choosing. All plants will be grown submerged except possibly the carpet species and that will depend on availability.  Rare package will be by far your best bang for your dollar.  If you are a beginner to the hobby i would suggest our low tech package found here https://www.liquidcreations.co/product/low-tech-package-2/



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