Bucephalandra Dark Catherine


Portion size is 5-6 leaves on a rhizome

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Bucephalandra Dark Catherine is a member of the Araceae family, found growing in isolated spots on a few tropical islands. Bucephalandra can grow emersed or submersed equally well, but some species transform more easily than others. The submersed form is more colorful and has a very refined look and occasionally will flower. The ideal use for the plant is attached to hardscape either wood or stone to add color, texture and a natural look to the aquascape. Bucephalandra is still a very rare plant that should be cherished. All bucep are considered easy plants to grow, but to grow well and to maximize its potential, fertilization, co2 supplementation and good water quality are necessary.

Bucephalandra Dark Catherine is a medium sized bucep with dark leaves and new growth is reddish. Has a tendacy to lay very flat which works well covering stones or flowing off a branch. I find this bucep to be very desirable, the dark leaves contrast well with all other colors in the planted tank