Ammannia Mauritiana Live Aquarium Plant


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Ammannia Mauritiana is known by three other names; Nesaea Triflora, Ammannia Capitellata and also Dreiblütige Nesaea. The plant originates from Africa and Asia. It is a larger growing plant that appreciates good lighting conditions and co2. It has a fast growth rate and reaches about 3 inches in stem width . I grow this plant in a high tech tank although some in the species will grow in low tech environments . It is a very elegant plant that looks great in a somewhat larger tank. Add some today to create variations in texture, shapes, and the overall look of your tank.


What You Get:

Most of our plants are all aquarium plants, that is when you receive your plants they will have already gone through the transformation process. The transformation the plant has to go through is difficult if all the plants requirements are not met. We do that for you, when you receive your plant it is ready for submersed growing. Submersed growth will look a lot different from the emerged growth, of a terrestrial grown plant. Know what you’re buying, and buy quality.

We now have over 350 species growing underwater in our aquariums. Our plants are ready to grow, already transformed aquarium plants. You don’t have to go through the transforming process from terrestrial plants to aquarium plants, we’ve done that for you. Just like fish, live plants do best when they are kept in an aquarium that best suits their needs. Selecting live plants that share common water conditions will minimize problems and make it easier for you to maintain and keep your aquarium in tip top shape. We want your plant to thrive and become a favorite part of your tank. Be sure to choose plants that are suitable for your aquarium so you will get the most out of your new addition.

Our plants ship ready to plant in your aquarium. We take great pride in the quality of our plants. Healthy plants ship best.

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