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If it’s Broke, fix it !!!

If it's Broke, fix it !!!

Welcome to our Mess

Our website has been up and running for 3 years now but just limping along. This spring we decided to do a total face lift. Not only are we shooting for a nicer newer look but a website that is user friendly also. The back end where we do our work is also faster and easier to navigate that I can attest too. What I would like from you is let me know how your experience is on our website, of course we want to hear the good things but we also want to hear the areas we need to improve on. I’m in the hobby just like you, I enjoy growing plants and trying new species but what I like most is sending my plants out to you. That is why I want you’re experience here to be top notch so share your thoughts please. If it’s Broke, fix it !!!

4 thoughts on “If it’s Broke, fix it !!!

  1. Plant pictures do not display every time. Using firefox as browser I often have to reload the page to get the pictures to show.

    1. Sue,
      Thank you for taking the time to inform us. Hopefully it is something we can get corrected

  2. Just placed my 1st order. Took a minute to figure out how to navigate as it does a slight pause but when I figured out there was a slight lag there was no problem. Just so I know because I didn’t find the answer, what is the average ship time for plants and do you send a tracking number when it is sent? I don’t want to leave my plants outside when they arrive. I want to make sure I am on top of things on my end.

    1. A tracking number will come from paypal as well as shipping notice from my website.It will ship out on monday. You can always email me if you don’t get an email from my site monday evening
      Thank you Thomas

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